‘I wish that drilling headache would never come back again, ever!’ Yes, this is the wish of those that have experienced cluster headaches. As of now, it is not possible to prevent recurrence of cluster headaches. However, there may be hope as potential new treatments are being developed.

Thus far the US FDA has only approved sumatriptan and vagus nerve stimulation for treatment of cluster headache pain. These are improved options for those who go through the day to day grind of dealing with cluster headaches but still leave lots of room for improvement. To this date there are no treatments that have been approved by the US FDA as prophylactic medications to prevent these debilitating headaches from occurring.

In this context the Northwest Clinical Research Center has the opportunity to partner with a pharmaceutical company sponsor in development of a new potential treatment. However, this cannot be done without research volunteers. Thus, if you have been diagnosed with cluster headaches and are interested in trying a novel medication treatment then submit your contact information above or give us a call.

About the Cluster Headache Clinical Trial
Recently there is a potential breakthrough in the way headache disorders are treated as humanized monoclonal antibodies have shown great promise in preventatively treating headache disorders. Instead of treating the attack after it has begun, these antibodies are engineered to reduce levels of a naturally occurring substance within the human body. This substance (calcitonin gene-related peptide) is suspected to be associated with headache disorders.

How can we help?
If you suffer from cluster headache attacks you are not alone. The Northwest Clinical Research Center has conducted several clinical trials for headache disorders over the years and is currently seeking volunteers with cluster headache diagnosis to evaluate if this novel treatment approach may in fact prevent the attacks from occurring.

Your first visit to Northwest Clinical Research Center will consist of a no cost evaluation to see if the study is a good fit for your situation. This will include a detailed evaluation of your current treatment regimen and overall medical condition.

All of the assessments done during the study are free of cost and the study medication and study associated medical care is also at no cost. To find out more and schedule your no cost evaluation submit your contact information above or simply give us a call.